The Inevitable

The Inevitable, by Daniel HopeBy now, you’re probably asking, “The inevitable what?” Despair no longer. The Inevitable is a novel I wrote.

Oh, you want to know more? I can help there, too.

The Inevitable is a science fiction novel about a robot who’s running out of time and doesn’t want to die. Here’s the official blurb:

Tuck is on his last legs, literally. He is the last functioning bot in the galaxy, a broken machine that used to look like a man. Now he wanders between planets, searching for spare parts that can keep him running for a few more years. But he’s out of parts, and he’s nearly out of time.

He’s a valuable relic of a bygone era when bots were a luxury on Earth, back before they were hunted down and destroyed. More and more collectors want Tuck, damaged or not, as the centerpiece of their collections. They’ll do anything to get him, but Tuck will do anything to stay free and functional.

The truth is, Tuck is afraid to die.

He was originally programmed to value human life, even if they don’t value his, but he can’t ignore his own need to survive, at any cost. That’s why Tuck is haunted by memories of the sixteen people he has killed over the last 150 years.

After a particularly dangerous run-in with a collector, Tuck meets a mysterious man dressed in white who offers a solution. In exchange for some help in a less-than-legal business venture, he’ll give Tuck what he really wants: immortality. It’s a bad idea, and Tuck knows it, but he can’t ignore it.

Even if it means killing again.

I’ve often described the book as “Issac Asimov meets Cormac McCarthy.” Actually, it’s nowhere near that bleak, but it does focus on death, and quite a few people kick the sci-fi bucket before you get to the end of this tale. Maybe this book could also be described as “Wall-E meets Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Or maybe it’s Asimov if his robots were governed by a nagging sense of their own mortality instead of the Three Laws of Robotics. Regardless, I think you’re going to like it.

If you’d like to pick up a copy (and it’s no surprise that I think you should), you can find it on the Amazon Kindle Store. If you prefer a different file format or use a device other than a Kindle, Smashwords has my book in all the major file formats. So, go forth and read!

The Inevitable at the Kindle Store

The Inevitable on Smashwords

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