Author and editor Daniel HopeDaniel Hope is a writer and editor who loves science fiction. He recently published his first book, a science fiction novel called The Inevitable. He co-founded Fiction Vortex, an online magazine dedicated to publishing great science fiction and fantasy short stories, and now serves as Managing Editor. His muted pessimism has been generously characterized as the Voice of Reason by the rest of the Fiction Vortex staff. What it really means is they wish he would stop worrying all the time. He thinks they should stop smiling so much. Before all this, Daniel worked for years as a technology journalist, covering the electronics and video game industries.

Daniel lives in California with his wife and two kids. He periodically feels pangs of regret that he doesn’t write as fast as he used to, but he consoles himself with beaches and fantastic weather. You can find him  on Twitter: @Endovert.

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