More Reviews of The Inevitable

The reviews of my novel, The Inevitable, are still rolling in. If you still doubt the lovability of my book, then you are clearly a jaded and hard-hearted person. Perhaps some more positive reviews will help change your mind.

The thing that I love the most is that nearly every reviewer has pointed out the characterization is their favorite part. This means so much to me as an author because I believe that good characters make great stories.

Michael Brookes called it a fantastic read (5 out of 5 stars). Michael was also kind enough to do an author interview, which means that you get to hear me rant about things I like to read and how frustrating the writing process is. Harrowing stuff, or so says my shoulder angel.

Wendy, of BiblioSanctum, called it a surprisingly touching gem (4 out of 5 stars)

H, over at RansomReads, said that she wanted to hug one of my characters forever, which is good, right? (4 out of 5 stars)

Thanks to all the reviewers for their kind words. I’m 97 percent sure that they weren’t lying. If all the stars flying around have you wondering if you should check out The Inevitable, I highly recommend you give in to the impulse.

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