Wild Speculation: Video Game Edition

I’ve enjoyed being a columnist over at LitReactor, but I felt like I wasn’t making enough inflammatory remarks to really earn the title. So what did I do? I widened my aim. Normally, I focus on topics about books and writing, no surprise, but this time I said things with the potential to offend writers and gamers.

The result is 5 Video Games that Would Have Made Better Novels. In other words, I chose games that were disappointing or underwhelming as games, but had narrative potential that could have led to a great book. Writing about such a speculative topic opens me up for plenty of ridicule (well, more than normal) and dissent. I mean, I’m combining two vast types of media here, both of which have huge fanbases (and plenty of overlap). So I set a couple of ground rules that disqualify any games that already have book or movie adaptions.

I’ll let you see the results for yourself, but I have to say it was a pretty fun exercise in wild speculation. Oh, and I finally get to vent about that sociopath of a hunting dog in Duck Hunt. I can’t be the only one who sees that he’s crazy, right?

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